Santa’s Little Helpers host 3rd annual toy drive

SALISBURY, Md. – This is the season to be jolly and Santa’s Little Helpers are making sure everyone gets a gift this holiday season.

“It means joy,” says Amaiya Dashiell.

Amaiya Dashiell is talking about Santa’s Little Helpers, the group is hosting its third annual toy drive and they share what it means to give back. “Giving back this season and not only this season but every season is just the way that basically you are able to feel that you’re doing the right thing, it feels better when you’re doing the right thing, you’re not just doing things because you have to but because you want to,” says Shymir Coakley.

“It just feels really good, I try to remind myself no matter what mood I’m in every year because you can be in any time of mood, especially around the holidays, you don’t what’s going on, so I try to just take my personal feelings out of it and try to give back the best that I can, so it feels really nice,” says Amari Jackson.

This year, they changed what giving back looks like. “Every single year we try and take notes and ways to improve, so this year we decided to adopt a family kind of style, where we would have families submit Google forms, where they can let us know their age, gender, and how many kids and things like that and how we would meet up and do the exchange for the gifts,” says Coakley.

Amari Jackson says this time around this was important due to the state of the economy. “I know a lot of people my age are struggling with inflation with the state of the economy so I just try to see who filters in,” Jackson adds.

Amari is also a role model to her younger sister, who was the first to donate a Walmart gift card this season, “because I wanted to help the homeless and the poor,” says Amaiya Dashiell.

Christmas is just days away, so the deadline to submit your family is closing on the 24th. Click here to fill out the form to get gifts for your family.

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