Overdose deaths set monthly high total in the first state

DELAWARE – In the first state, health officials fear the opioid epidemic is not slowing down.

In November the numbers show, the first state setting a new monthly high. Death rates currently stand at 18%. State health officials say this was not expected for November. Usually, the uptick takes place in December, which the department is now bracing for.

47 ABC news spoke with the director of the substance abuse and mental health division who gives us a look at those numbers. “In the month of November we did see unfortunately 43 suspected overdoses and that brings our total for the year up to 376 and that number really does concern us, particularly the numbers we saw in November because that is not typically one of our peak months,” says Joanna Champney.

18 of those deaths were in Sussex county. Champney says if you or someone you know suffers from addiction to seek help from a medical provider. She also says it’s important that you never use it alone. For more resources visit their website.

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