New Year’s Holiday: Don’t drink and drive

DELMARVA – New Year’s is just 2 days away and that means the festivities are only a day away. 

Local officials are encouraging residents to stay safe on the roads while they are drinking, they say don’t drink and drive and be mindful. There are two different types of charges, there’s driving while intoxicated which is .07 where you’re assumed to be driving while intoxicated and then there’s .08 or above,  you’re assumed to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

47 ABC spoke with a local sheriff who says they will be patrolling to protect the community. “We’re going to see in holiday travelers and when you have an increase in vehicle travel of course that’s going to increase the travel for crashes and other things like that to occur, so our deputies are out to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors,” says Sheriff Matt Crisafulli in Worcester County.

47 ABC spoke with a local lawyer, who says it’s best to just tell the truth when pulled over. He says these types of calls can come any time of the day or night, but in the moment stay calm and be polite to the officer.

Lawyer Luke Rommel explains how much it can cost you if you drink and drive. “You’re definitely going to be looking at a thousand or more, you’re going to be looking at probation supervision fees, they can be almost 100 dollars a month, you’re going to be looking at fines in court costs. they can be several hundred dollars. maybe even more,” says Lawyer Luke Rommel with Rommel and Associates.

He also says you’ll be looking at costs associated with alcohol classes along with the ignition device locks on your car. Both Sheriff Crisafulli and Rommel agree it’s best to call an Uber or Lyft to stay out of trouble and potentially save a life.

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