Local non-profit hosts food drive for students and families ahead of holiday break


HURLOCK, Md.- “People are just in need. People are hurting and they don’t know where their next meal may come from,” Allen said.

As students across Dorchester County head home for holiday break, Mid-shore Meals Til Monday is making sure none of them go without food.

Tuesday, they hosted a food drive at North Dorchester Middle School with the help from some student volunteers. “Today we will actually be giving out 120 bags. It will be non-perishable items, frozen foods, sweets, as well as bread items,” Meals Til Monday Assistant Director Pam Allen said.

“We want families to have food too. It used to be just backpacks for kids. Now we want to make sure they’re fed but that also means that the rest of the family might get fed in a way that they usually wouldn’t have,” Volunteer Dorothy Drahzal said.

Since 2017, the non-profit has provided bags filled with food items for students in Dorchester to take home on Fridays to hold them over until they return to school Monday morning.

About 22% of students in area are food insecure, according to Allen. “That’s a big number and we don’t want anyone to be hungry,” Allen said.

The nonprofit tells us the rising cost of food has made efforts like this one a challenge, but one they’re up for as the need continues to grow. “We provide these bags on Friday for anywhere between 800-1000 students weekly,” Allen said.

“Getting kids to take it on the bus was a little tough but we still try. We make sure they look at it as just a fun thing to bring home to mom.”

Although students won’t get those consistent school meals while off campus, those we spoke with say they’re just happy to know these bags don’t just go to help students but feed the entire family. “When I was a single mom, I could’ve used it. I’m thrilled people here use it the way they do.” We appreciate it,” Drahzal said.

Midshore Meals Till Monday provides food assistance to students across Dorchester County.

If you know of a child in need, contact that child’s school to be connected to the program.

You can find out more by calling (443)- 225- 6789 or visiting them on their website

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