Gov. Larry Hogan announces FY 24 budget

MARYLAND – Governor Larry Hogan addressed the state’s fiscal outlook budget for 2024.

Governor Larry Hogan says before his office Maryland was in the worst fiscal situation ever, but his office made it their duty to get the state in a better place. He did just that.

“Instead of a record deficit, we are leaving a long-term budget surplus at a record 5.5 billion dollars in reserves,” says Governor Larry Hogan.

On Thursday, Governor Larry Hogan announced his proposed fiscal year budget for 2024, which highlights funding for many areas including: “This budget continues that funding for public schools for the ninth straight year, while also providing 10 million dollars more for non-public schools to address learning loss caused by the pandemic and 10 million dollars for the very successful boost program,” says the Governor.

Governor Hogan also proposed money for public safety. “500 million dollars to help recruit and maintain more quality officers, to increase diversity, expand community policing efforts, improve training, to provide body cams, and other technology and equipment upgrades for state and local police,” he adds.

Bill Chambers with the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce says improvements won’t just help keep you safe on the streets but also online. “Something that I think is interesting in the budget is he’s continuing to fund additional funds to combat cyber threats, not only for state government agencies but now for local government agencies and that is a concern that all of us have,” says Bill Chambers the President and CEO of the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce.

Chambers says the proposed budget may see some changes however, the state is headed in the right direction. “Governor-elect Moore to urge the general assembly to make some moves in Governor Hogans budget, which is typical when we see a transition from one administration to another but I think the core values of Governor Hogans budget for the fiscal year 2024 will be maintained not only by elect Wes Moore but by general assembly leadership as well,” says Chambers.

Governor Hogan says with this budget, he feels the state is prepared for anything. He hopes the state doesn’t go back to the poor economy it was in when he started in office. He says his administration has worked too hard. Governor Larry Hogan is preparing this budget for incoming Governor Wes Moore.

The budget will be submitted by January 20th to be reviewed by the general assembly.

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