Construction resumes on new Taylor’s BBQ location in Salisbury, taking over former Agave Azule building

SALISBURY, Md- 2023 will see Taylor’s BBQ in Salisbury moving into their new location in the former Agave Azule building on College Avenue in March 2023, as construction resumes thanks to the Delmarva Veteran Builders group.

Co-Owner Joey Calabrese says the current location has served them well since 2014 But the new location will allow them to expand, and with construction back on after interior plans were finalized, he says they are excited for a brand new vision for Taylor’s BBQ and the old Agave Azule building.

“It is an iconic space, we hope to be the next place that is taking this spot over, we are revamping the entire outside we are going to have a whole outdoor game area, outdoor seating, inside we are going to have lots of tall windows natural light and a long bar with draft beers so definitely a shakeup from what that spot is used to,” said Co-Owner Joseph Calabrese.

He says the spot will become the primary location for Taylor’s, as they current spot will be phased out once operations are up and running at the new location.


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