What’s next for the proposed Ocean City Sports Complex

OCEAN CITY, Md-  Worcester County voted against a sports complex slated for Ocean City on Tuesday, but that ballot measure does not mean the project is going away.

Worcester County Commission President Joseph Mitrecic says the ballot measure only affected if the county could use public funds to buy bonds to finance the stadium, it did not block the project outright.
He tells 47ABC that state dollars and funding from the Maryland state stadium authority are still available and are expected to cover nearly 80 percent of the cost.
Mitrecic calls himself an advocate for the stadium and believes it could still bring great benefit to the town, despite this setback.

“I would like to do it split between state, private, and federal funding, and that’s the way we will have to go now so moving forward we will need to find a way to pay for it without the bond and that’s what I will continue to work on,” Mitrecic said.

He tells 47ABC there’s still a traffic study on the way to assess the volume the stadium might bring to the area, and the final location may still be changed if the report finds there is no way to adapt the current site to take traffic directly off of route 50.
Mitrecic says the stadium is a way to drive up revenue for the county, and for that reason, he continues to support it.

“We as a county are having more expenses, and our choices are bringing in more revenue or slash services, and not one of my colleagues who vote against the measure on the commission are proposing ideas to drive this growth,” he said.



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