Reaction split on proposed youth curfew in Cambridge, city officials say success seen in other counties

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Residents and city officials still divide on the matter of a proposed youth curfew in Cambridge.

This comes after the city council held its first reading on ordinance 1207 at a meeting Monday night.

Commission President Lajan Cephas says those in favor of the measure called it a starting point, as there’s been an increase in juvenile crime.

Cephas adds one mother even spoke up against the proposal, saying it would be unfair for parents to get fined.

We’re told that this would be a pilot effort and data would be collected to see if it would be a good fit for the city as other counties in Maryland have seen success. “Prince George’s county just recently did the same thing. I believe it was effective in September and they actually had success in their first 30 days,” Cephas said.

“We want to make sure that this is an ordinance that makes sense to the community and so they understand that is a tool to be helpful.”

A second reading on the ordinance is scheduled for December 12th and we’re told that doesn’t mean a vote will be taken at that time.

Mayor Rideout will also host summit on November 28th to get the youth’s input.

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