New funding greenlights construction on historic buildings in Maryland, push for economic growth

BERLIN, Md.- $19 million in tax credit funding was granted from the Maryland Historical Trust division, part of the Maryland Department of Planning, to renovate several historic buildings across the state.

The goal is to make needed improvements while preserving the rich history that lives in the walls of these buildings.

4 of the 16 projects will be in Worcester County, with three being in the heart of Berlin off North Main Street.

We’re told funding was competitive and based on several different factors including historical significance, level of preservation, and existing condition. “Are these properties in danger by either neglect, lack of use, or some building failure of material? So collectively, it’s sort of a three-pronged approach,” Admin for Preservation Financial Incentives Kate Jaffe said.

“Having these sites being adapted and reused helps to have a sense of belonging in the communities and to really get people excited about their historic resources. We can see where we came from and how we’re moving on.”

It’s not just about preserving history, as there’s also a push to bring new life into these communities and spark economic growth.

The project’s look to create more than 1,000 jobs statewide.

Most floor plans for the renovations include commercial and residential features, which we’re told is ideal for areas like Berlin. “It brings not only the cumulative effects as a good place for active business, but with the residential aspect to increase population. It also livens up and creates a bigger pool of customers for businesses,” Jaffe said.

Construction for many of the projects in Worcester County are expected to start early 2023.

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