My Mind Beautiful: “The renewal of understanding that you have a voice”

DELMARVA – The eighth edition of My Mind Beautiful is now out.

It’s a personal development magazine for women of color. “My Mind Beautiful, The Personal Development Magazine For Women of Color actually has unfolded into a spectrum of print media to bring forth marginalized women and their ideas, their perspectives, and content that will enlighten and empower women,” says Publisher Dr. Angela Lee.

47 ABC got a chance to sit down with the publisher Doctor Angela Lee. She says print media has changed and women of color have been featured less or portrayed in a hyper-sexualized manner. My Mind Beautiful brings marginalized women to the forefront, showing them that they play an essential role in America.

The magazine covers many different topics in each issue. “It’s a plethora of information that brings fun, enlightenment, empowerment, strength, endurance, and financial literacy. We are the magazine on the eastern shore that is bringing promise to marginalized women,” says Dr. Lee.

Doctor Lee says the magazine has writers from all over. One of the things that encouraged her to launch the magazine was what she calls a lack of diversity in print.

But that’s changing, she says my Mind Beautiful is flipping the script for marginalized women. “This is a renewal of understanding that you have voice. You have to understand that there is an urgency for you to understand what role you play in this current America and how your leadership and how your business skills, your vision, and your creativity are creating a new landscape in America,” says Dr. Lee.

To get a copy of My Mind Beautiful, you can pick up a copy from a local store or online.

For more information, you can contact Dr. Lee at or 410-497-7041.

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