Law enforcement officials remind shoppers of credit card skimmers amid holiday season


DELMARVA – Are you someone who only uses your debit or credit card as your main form of payment? You may think twice about that as the presence of card skimmers increase during the holiday season.

The Pocomoke City Police Department tells 47ABC, over the past few years they’ve seized several.

These small devices are typically found at convenience stores and gas pumps, capturing your credit or debit card information which is then sent to a scammer.

Law enforcement officials say that new technology has lowered the risk, but shoppers should still proceed with caution. “With newer technology, especially the chip reading card there’s a lot of firewalls in place to stop that from happening,” Pocomoke City Police Department Lieutenant Ian Castanbda said.

“We’re getting used to being a cashless society, where we’re gearing more and more towards that trend. It’s caused us to think less about the security of our bank accounts.”

Lt. Castanbda also reminds shoppers that if you’re using your credit card, you should be asked to show proper identification to verify you’re the owner.

If you see any questionable transactions on your account or think you may have fallen victim to one of those skimmers, you’re urged to contact your local police department immediately.

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