Hidrent, connecting firefighters with homeowners

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DELMARVA – One innovative app is giving local firefighters some extra work, and homeowners some helping hands. ‘Hidrent,’ which gained popularity on ABC’s Shark Tank, connects firefighters with homeowners who need a helping hand around the house.

Founder and CEO of Hidrent, Dave Heimbuch tells 47 ABC, firefighters are uniquely qualified to continue serving the community during their off time. Most work 24 hours on duty, followed by 48 hours off-duty. Hidrent has a partnership with the International Association of Firefighters Financial Corporation which gives them access to all the firefighters in the U.S. The app allows community members to hire an off-duty firefighter to supplement their income, and leverage their skills and expertise.

Whether it’s furniture moving, gutter cleaning, hauling, or even hanging photos or heavy objects, firefighters can get the job done. “It’s really handy for older adults who are aging in place because we give them that direct connection to a firefighter that they can trust to let into their home, they feel safe letting into their home. Our elderly population should not be moving furniture, climbing ladders, or things like that.” Heimbuch adds, “But all firefighters are EMTs so it’s not just the firefighters going into your home to maybe hang your flat screen TV on your wall, maybe it’s a firefighter coming to your home to make sure you’re taking your medication just a wellness check. Firefighters have a set of skills and this is kind of what the future is.”

Hidrent has done over 5,000 jobs through the platform and over a million dollars worth of jobs, of which the company also gives a percentage of the earnings to a firefighter charity.

Hidrent is on the app store and Google play, and you can also visit their website.

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