Delmarva homeless shelters, organizations deal with Thanksgiving cost challenges

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Homeless shelters and community organizations across Delmarva are scrambling to deal with the increase in costs ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

With just a few weeks left until Thanksgiving, it’s been a bit of a challenge for some organizations to deal with the price increase for basic ingredients when it comes to preparing a Thanksgiving feast to feed hundreds.

“We’re sticking with the cheaper proteins, like chicken and beef and ground beef and things like that, but I think the prices have gone high, when you’re looking at that stuff, it’s gone very high,” explained Jim Martin, director of the Shepherd’s Office, a local charity in the heart of Georgetown dedicated to helping the local homeless population.

Martin tells us they expect upwards of 500 people to turn out to their holiday feast and now they’re turning to the community for help to deal with the spike in prices.

“We’ll have a green bean person, we’ll have a sweet potato person, we’ll have a turkey person,” Martin told our Rob Petree. “They’re saying eight-percent, but I think it feels more like 20-percent, in reality as far as walking around Walmart, for example and looking at something that used to be a dollar is now a dollar-eighty.”

Economic analysts report that turkey prices are up more than 20-percent this year while vegetables are up nearly 10-percent. Martin encourages everyone who can to donate a dish and help out by signing up at

Celeste Savage with the HALO Shelter in Salisbury tells us it’s impacting the way they prepare some dishes.

“We tend to go more casserole than we do regular meal,” Savage said. “The meats are almost unreachable and that’s why going with the casseroles we can stretch the burger a little further, or the chicken a little further.”

Despite the challenges that come with cost, Celeste tells us there’s no question, they will certainly have a Thanksgiving: “we’re gonna have a Thanksgiving dinner, not exactly sure of all the fixings yet, but we’re gonna have a Thanksgiving dinner.”

Both organizations say they will have a Thanksgiving dinner despite the challenges they face with pricing, and that no one will leave there hungry on the holiday.


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