Adopt A Block Thanksgiving Giveaway

SALISBURY, Md-From a Maryland Food Bank truck that rolled in at 8 am, to the volunteers who packed it up, and into the hands of those who need it.

That’s how thanksgiving dinner is making it to food insecure families in Salisbury thanks to efforts of Adopt A Block at the Emmanuel Church in Salisbury.

“Today we are going to distribute 252 turkeys that is 252 families but also partnering with schools we have 100 turkeys for nine local schools and 50 going to Crisfield and the rest serving walk-ins,” said Adopt A Block Outreach Director Mark Thompson.

Executive Director Mark Thompson tells us thanks to the Maryland food bank, they were able to give families a variety of healthy and traditional complete Thanksgiving meals.

“We have fresh collard greens and sweet potatoes and they can go to our turkey station then grab a box with 15 items in it to get a complete meal,” Thompson said.

But volunteers didn’t stop there as teams of people of all ages took the streets of Salisbury knocking on doors with food boxes in hand, using the school system to see families in need. Volunteers say the holidays can be challenging for kids who rely on school for regular meals.

“A lot of kids when they leave school on Friday they might not have much until they get back on Monday and a lot of them without this extra food might not have a lot on weekends,” said volunteer William Galloway.

Thompson tells us more and more families are registering for the giveaway each year, and he’s thankful his organization is able to deliver.

“We are finding a need and taking care of it today,” Thompson said.

He tells 47ABC they will soon be able to find and take care of even more needs, as the groundbreaking for their new care center at 818 Benny Street will feature mental, physical, and spiritual services for those in need.
The groundbreaking is set for December 17th.
But just as adopt a block is ramping up its efforts, certain federal aid for groups like theirs is set to run out.

“During the Covid period all of our food was provided by the Maryland Food Bank and it was free, that ends December 31st come January first we are on our own to stock our food pantries,” said Adopt A Block Treasurer Rita Plackson.

Plackson says they started a subscriber system for monthly donations to help keep their shelves stocked, on top of funding supplies for spiritual and health services.
Each adopts a block event that can cost around 2,500 dollars.
They are looking to raise funds, instead of the food directly, as they can get a bulk discount.
Those interested can sign up on adopt a block’s Facebook page.


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