$11M to support wastewater management in Maryland

MARYLAND – 11 million dollars is making its way to Maryland to strengthen wastewater management.

This comes from Enhanced Nutrient Removal upgrades. Officials say these wastewater plants are effective – by reducing nitrogen discharged to the bay by more than 7 million pounds per year. Phosphorous has also been proven to decline. These are upgrades that riverkeepers say are necessary because this equipment requires a high level of sophistication.

47 ABC spoke with Matt Pluta – with ShoreRivers – to learn how helpful this funding will be. “Designed to remove pollution, an advanced level of pollution before that wastewater gets emptied into our rivers and so having ENR facilities treating wastewater is a big positive for water quality. a lot of the water treatment plants on the Eastern Shore are being upgraded to these greater technologies,” says Matt Pluta, Director of Riverkeeper Programs, with ShoreRivers.

The river keeper says this funding comes at the perfect timing as they saw over the bridge, in Baltimore that they updated their wastewater treatments and it didn’t go well. This led to operation and maintenance issues.

However, having these upgrades on the shore will create a safety net for our waterways. “Well this funding that we’re seeing from the state is a good effort in making sure that the investment to upgrade these treatment plans are being carried through and these plants are being properly operated and maintained so we don’t have overflow problems or violations of the discharge permits for these facilities,” Pluta adds.

Pluta says that the funding doesn’t stop there, he hopes that local governments will help put forth resources to further this initiative because he says it’s going to take more than state government to keep our waterways clean. For more information on this funding, click here.

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