Waterway tour highlighting green infrastructure put in place to help Seaford


Seaford, Del. – In the first state, environmentalists are exploring new ways to keep local waterways clean.

Officials came together to walk the Seaford area to take a look at phase one of some of the changes made in the area. In Seaford, green infrastructure is being put in place to help benefit the Nanticoke River and surrounding areas to stay protected. This is a part of Wandering Delaware’s Waterways tour.

“We’ve just completed phase 1 where the extension of the riverwalk and we’re getting ready to do some infrastructure projects to get ready for the oyster house which will be a building that celebrates the history in Seaford,” says Seaford Mayor David Genshaw.

Though the project has a few more steps to go, Seaford Mayor David Genshaw says the new changes coming to the city are exciting. U.S. Senator Tom Carper says this project is being phased out at the perfect time. “In the past few years, it rains as it did lately, a lot of water comes down, and in elevated areas like this, wash brings nutrients, sediment, and dirt and so forth into the river, but there’s a way to stop that and to harness mother nature,” says the United States Senator Tom Carper.

Some of the changes include the new green structure which is the living shoreline, filtering run-off water. With these changes, officials hope that first-state visitors will have more to experience in Sussex County than just the beaches. “Nanticoke is really an undeveloped river and our waterfront is beautiful but we believe when people come over and visit, there also going to visit our restaurants and our stores, so we think the benefits are going to make Seaford an attraction for a quiet getaway,” says Mayor Genshaw. “We want them to know that when they come here, we don’t just have some of the best beaches in the world, but we also have beautiful places like the Nanticoke river right here in Seaford,” the Senator adds.

Phase 2 of the project is to relocate the sewer line that runs through Seaford. Completion of this part of the project is dependent on funding.

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