Volunteers paint pallet homes for the homeless in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md- A splash of color is being added to the Anne street pallet home village for the homeless in Salisbury.

Over 20 volunteers painted the homes in vibrant colors, making them pleasant places to be and look at for residents and neighbors.

Salisbury Homeless Services Manager Brett Sanders says the homes can be cold, or medical looking when unpainted, which could make those who would benefit from them less likely to use them.

Sanders tells us their first goal was to build a neighborhood, and now the pallet homes look the part.

“When it is just white and bleak it really resembles an emergency shelter it feels like a FEMA camp and we want folks to get reintegrated in a real community and part of that is making it feel welcoming,” Sanders said.

Volunteers will return in a few weeks to add the finishing touches. The houses are expected to open between November and January and will feature community bathrooms, showers, and mailboxes for residents to be able to establish addresses.


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