Technology’s role in the rise in domestic abuse cases

DELMARVA –  There’s been an increase in domestic violence cases reported since the initial drop in March after the pandemic’s stay-at-home order.

That’s according to officials with Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence and since the pandemic, there’s a new issue the organization is seeing is – the role technology plays in these instances. For example, the Apple Air Tag is a device Apple released to help locate your belongings, but now abusers are using it to keep up with their victims without them knowing. 47 ABC spoke with the organization, who tells us more about the calls they are receiving.

‘The type and nature of abuse is much more dangerous and deadly…we’re seeing a lot more use of technology abuse, so stalking, tracking, and various innovations. for example the air tag,” says Jeanne Yeager, the Executive Director of Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence.

This month is national domestic violence awareness month and Yeager shares that if you or someone you know is in need of help contact the hotline 800-927-4673.

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