Revitalization project in works for former Cambridge bar, city officials asking for community input


CAMBRIDGE, Md.- A new revitalization project in Cambridge could soon be underway, but before that can start city officials want community input.

The city recently purchased an old bar in the neighborhood of Pine Street and want to repurpose it due to safety concerns.

The Planning and Zoning Department wants to hear from residents, hosting an interest meeting to gather public thoughts.

Current ideas including keeping the space as is, making it a community center, or demolishing it for additional housing projects.

We spoke with City Planner Pat Escher who urges community members to come out and let their voices be heard. “The neighbors, the residents, the people that live there know their neighborhood better than anyone else. They will know what their desires are and their needs,” Escher said.

“It really is getting the community to buy in to what is being done. So, if we’re going to get them to buy in on what we’re proposing they need to give us their direction and their thoughts.”

That interest meeting will be held Thursday, October 27th at 6p.m. at the Elks Lodge.

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