Over $4M in Federal housing assistance going to Marylanders

DELMARVA- Over $4 million dollars in Federal Housing Assistance could help Marylanders facing hardship find suitable housing.

The money is being given through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s New Incremental Housing Choice Vouchers Program.
The program allows participants to choose their own housing, then the vouchers helps pay their rent. Two local groups receiving funding to assist these families are the Wicomico County Housing Authority and the Housing Commission of Talbot County. The Executive Director tells us while this money is a plus, the availability of market units for people to rent has been hard to find.

“So, even with the additional funding, unless there are additional units made available folks are going to have a difficult time finding places to rent with the voucher; so I don’t know how we are going to overcome it but its a nationwide problem,” Don Bibb, Executive Director of the Housing Commission of Talbot, Wicomico County Housing Authority, and Housing Authority of Crisfield, said.

The Wicomico County Housing Authority will receive $47,793 and the Housing Commission of Talbot County will get $34,481.

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