Ocean City staple restaurant closing its doors, city officials hoping tourism continues thriving

OCEAN CITY, Md.- Soon coastal highway in Ocean City will never look the same, as the original Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli is permanently closing its doors.

Owner Warren Rosenfeld says it’s something that started off as just a dream. “When it opened, I was very sentimental about it carrying on sort of the family name. My dad was a holocaust survivor and my grandparents came over from Germany in 1939,” Rosenfeld said.

“So opening a Jewish Deli in pretty much a non-Jewish area was a big deal to me.”

The closure isn’t due to a lack of business, but we’re told the lease was up and there are many repairs needed for the building that didn’t make it ideal to keep it open.

After 10 seasons of serving up everything from hotdogs, soups, and their legendary Reuben sandwiches, many consider the location to be a community staple.

Rosenfeld tells us that lets him know he’s done his job well. “Putting that goodbye post on Facebook and seeing that it was seen by almost 600,000 people was very touching. You can’t always measure success in dollars and cents,” Rosenfeld said.

Several other town businesses have recently announced closings as well, leaving the area potentially unrecognizable to tourists.

Yet, the Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce says they hope visitors will keep an open mind and wallet to new beginnings. “I think it’s a bittersweet moment always, but I think with change comes opportunity as well,” Executive Director Amy Thompson said.

“We just had an after-hours event last week and I had a couple of new members join who see the value of having a business in Ocean City and being part of the community to help support one another.”

With only 13 days left before the final farewell, Rosenfeld reflected on his time there and shared the secret behind keeping a business thriving. “There’s no substitute for hard work, you have to be involved,” Rosenfeld said.

“I think it’s a great place with great memories. It probably added years to my life and I’m so happy that I could be a part of Ocean City.”

You can still visit Rosenfeld’s Deli at its South Bethany and Rehoboth Beach locations.

The last day of business for the Ocean City location is October 24th.

The Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce says they’re actively looking to address the issue of workforce housing to meet the needs of the business community and visitors.

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