Maryland Folk Fest expected to have positive economic impact on Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md.-While the City of Salisbury won’t be hosting the National Folk Festival next year, they do have other plans up their sleeves.

They’ll be bringing the first-annual Maryland Folk Festival to the area. It will be a large-scale, multi-day outdoor event. They will welcome musicians and street performers to help celebrate the roots and variety of American culture. We’re told while this event will bring different communities together and build civic pride, it will also have a strong economic impact.

“When we have influx of visitors that come to our city, not only are they spending their money during the festival weekend, but they are also finding other places they want to come back and visit throughout the year; there’s a lot of return,” Caroline O’Hare, Events and Culture Manager for the City of Salisbury, said.

The festival will be held September 22-24. The City is looking for more community buy-in with opportunities for more local performers to get involved.

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