Ghost sign restored highlighting history and heritage in the Town of Snow Hill

SNOW HILL, Md. – A ghost sign in the town of Snow Hill, just in time for Halloween.

The sign dates back to the 1900s and now it is being restored. A sign that once clearly stated G. M. Dryden General Merchandise but has been changed multiple times since then.

So what exactly makes this sign a ghost sign? “A ghost sign is a commercial billboard painted on a building that has stayed through decades and you can still see it and sometimes you can still read what it says,” says Diana Nolte, the President of Downtown Snow Hill Ink.

The G.M. Dryden General Merchandise store was in place from 1891 until 1934. This building is a staple of Snow Hill history, home to the place of the great Snow Hill fire of 1893. “We think this is a piece of art, so we want it restored as an art project,” says Nolte.

Town officials say this project really captures the history and heritage of the town. “It’s also an intersection of beautification and just bringing some more interesting pieces to the downtown, it’s our goal to create a pleasant and interactive place to be,” says Lorissa McAllister, the Director of Economic Development in Snow Hill.

If you’d like to check out the ghost sign, it should be done on Sunday, weather permitting on Bank street across from the municipal building. “Restored to look old, it’s not being repainted as if it’s a new sign,” says Nolte.

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