Environmentalists calling for accountability for clean up in the bay

DELMARVA – Accountability is on the table.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation wants a group of organizers to focus on keeping the bay clean.

47 ABC spoke with CBF’s Vice President of Environmental Protection and Restoration, who says the plans in place are not going to be the solution to maintaining a healthy bay. Instead, it will require a little more work to reach the 2025 goal of pollution reduction goals. Though Maryland is one of the states that has been shown to be cleaner, the Foundation still wants other organizations to step up to the plate and take accountability.

“The reality is the oversight of that accountability by primarily the environmental protection agency has been inconsistent. It has to be consistent, you can’t wait until there are years behind on something and then try to because then your just making up lost time, there needs to be more adaptive management at a quicker pace if we’re going to see a different trajectory,” says Alison Prost, the Vice President of Environmental Protection and Restoration.

The foundation would also like to see the conversation not only cover how are we going to get to the 2025 deadline, and sustain those pollution reductions into the future so that clean water continues for everyone then there has to be a different approach.

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