Earned income tax credit, largest program for working people

DELMARVA – The earned income tax credit is the largest program for working people across Delmarva.

The income tax credit is refundable for low to moderate-income families if they are working. Now, this credit does come at the federal and state level. The Maryland credit will match the household’s federal credit.

But some Americans may not receive this credit, here’s why: “Households won’t qualify if their earnings were too high, if you earned too much money as a household then you’re not able to receive it. The income at which you’re no longer eligible depends on whether or not you’re single or married in your household and the number of children,” says Dr. Brian Hill, professor of Economics at Salisbury University.

Doctor Hill says this is a favorable tax credit because it keeps people working, improves educational outcomes, and lowers poverty rates. January 2023 will start this year’s tax season.

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