Early voting in Maryland starts October 27th

MARYLAND – The general election is 2 weeks away.

Early voting starts in just 3 days in the state of Maryland. All registered Marylanders can vote in this election including those with a felony conviction. Common Cause Maryland says early voting improves access for everyone to make it to the polls. “It’s also an opportunity to take advantage of same-day registration. Same-day registration is also available during the election,” says Joanne Antoine, the Executive Director of Common Cause Maryland.  Also for those currently incarcerated correctional facilities will be giving out ballots for those using the mail-in process while incarcerated.

The executive director of Common Cause Maryland tells us why your voice matters more this time around. “That it’s been 75 years since we’ve had all of these candidates truly contested races on the ballot. And I think even though we’re nonpartisan, Maryland might potentially make history, right we might have the first African American governor, attorney general, the first woman comptroller. It’s important for Marylanders to understand that regardless of who is in these seats – what their political affiliation is, these people will be in power for the next 4 years and will be making decisions that will impact your everyday life,” says Antoine.

Antoine recommends if you are doing early voting do not wait until the last day to vote. She also says to vote from the bottom up and check the ballot questions on your ballot. Antoine says if you are being intimidated or told disinformation call 866 Our Vote or an election protection hotline.

Maryland is one of the 46 states offering early voting as an option. Early voting begins on October 27th.

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