Berlin municipal race decided by two votes

BERLIN, Md-  Berlin Council Member and Vice President Dean Burrell was re-elected in the municipal race with just two votes more than his challenger Tony Weeg.

Burrell received 37 votes to Weeg’s 35.

Despite that close margin, Town Administrator Mary Bohlen tells 47abc the town has no provisions for an automatic recount in its town charter.
In a statement to 47ABC, Tony Weeg told 47ABC: 

“Now that this election is over, I think the biggest takeaway is that we have a sleepy electorate.  That less than 10% of our registered voters showed up is rather pitiful.  Dean, and I agree on most every big issue that faces the town today and for that I know he will continue to do a good job.  He and I both have the town first in our heart with all decisions, and that is most important.  In the wake of this cycle, I look forward to spending time with my family, future elections and figuring out ways to wake up our voters, and making progress towards our skatepark.  Many thanks to those 72 who did show up, no matter how you voted, you decided to make a difference with your vote.”




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