8.7% increase coming in 2023 for social security recipients

DELMARVA – For Seniors here on Delmarva, social security benefits are set to receive an 8.7% increase in 2023.

This will help those retirees suffering the effects of the rise in inflation, which is causing seniors to make compromises in their lifestyle. Due to this, seniors are having trouble getting their basic needs.

The CEO of CHEER tells us where seniors are being hit the hardest. “Starting with food and really when you look at the expenses for seniors, particularly seniors on a fixed income, food, healthcare, and housing are the big 3, and this increase in social security which is actually driven by the consumer price index increase,” says Ken Bock, the CEO of CHEER, Inc.

CEO Ken Bock says during this time,  you can reach out to your local CHEER center and volunteer. Visit their website for more information about the social security bump coming in January.

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