18th annual Cruise for a Cause honors Joshua Alton and family

SALISBURY, Md- A procession of new and classic cars made their way from Delmar to the JoJo’s family restaurant parking lot Saturday, as part of the Wheels That Heal Car Club fundraiser to help support Joshua Alton and his family and let him know he is not fighting his battle with cancer alone.

“We are so happy to put this one we didn’t know if Josh would be here for this when we started planning, but he is, having a good time and that’s all we can hope for,” said Car Club President Steve Mixter.

“It was special to be able to watch and wave back and see that it just makes his heart explode and know they are there for him,” said Joshua’s mother Tara Alton.

Drivers took turns pulling into the lot one by one, each waving to josh who was thrilled to see them.

Crystal Heiser was one of them, and presented Josh with a rubber duck,  a sign of respect from the jeep community for someone with a tough ride.

“To be able to present Josh with one of those ducks today was pretty close to the heart because he is a warrior, a very unique and strong warrior, we wanted him to know his community stands with him,” she said.

The event also featured a silent auction, a raffle, games food, and more; all with the aim of helping to raise funds for Josh’s medical treatment.
His mother Tara Alton tells us, she is so thankful that the community showed up for them.

“Because of his cancer journey he had become paralyzed so that adds another level of what’s needed and sometimes insurance covers it,  sometimes it doesn’t so to be able to be supported in such an amazing way is really good for Josh,” she said.

Alton says the best part was the community getting a chance to meet josh.

“The Josh that we know and love is the one who likes to play basketball and skateboard, and joke, around and sassy and sweet he has the biggest heart of any kid you have ever met,” she said.




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