“You can’t drive without it:” Tire prices continue rising, local shops urge customers to purchase sooner than later


FRUITLAND, Md. –  If you’re in the market for a new set of tires,  you may want to act now as the prices are expected to rise.

Tire Depot in Fruitland tells 47ABC most manufactures are increasing their prices by at least 10-20%, so you’ll be paying more for the same tire you bought just a few months ago.

Due to that, they tell us that’s slowed down business for them.

The owner says he’s started honoring some old prices points to help during these hard times, which is making things harder for business. “The week before somebody paid $100 dollars and now its $115 dollars. They have a receipt so I have to go off their receipt and its getting harder,” Owner Khalid Mahmood said.

“The tire is not a luxury thing, you have to have a tire. You can’t drive without it.”

The shop does offer used tires that run around $45, as a cheaper option but that doesn’t include a warranty.

We’re told that prices aren’t expected to go back down anytime soon.

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