Worcester County preparing for any Hurricane Ian impacts

WORCESTER COUNTY, Md.- Impacts due to Hurricane Ian could be heading to coastal areas this weekend. As early as Friday morning, winds were already picking up in Ocean City, and the National Weather Service said wind gusts could reach up to 45 mph. These conditions already capturing visitors attention.

“I love a good storm, but I don’t want anybody to get hurt, I mean that’s why we are out here today,” Wanda Snyder, an OC visitor, said. “It’s kind of exciting and it could be really sad.”

“I’m thinking about the waves crashing on the rocks down here and just you know the power of that water; I mean that wave would knock you out head over heels and it could take you out and drown you,” William Smith, an OC visitor, said.

Even though they are seeing this weather, it’s not stopping them from enjoying their time in the resort town.

“I’m just going to go with the flow, it is what it is; I mean if it’s really bad I guess we would leave, but I guess we’re kinda still young and dumb, I don’t know,” Snyder said.

“We were a little concerned about how it would affect everything, but we’ve been out here walking the boardwalk,” Smith said.

With how conditions are looking, Worcester County Emergency Services say they’re crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s.

“We’ve been watching and monitoring all of the National Weather Service publications and advisories, meeting with all of our state and local partners, we’ve prepared our local counties public works for the upcoming event,” Billy Birch, Director of Worcester County Emergency Services, said.

While, also getting the message out to residents and visitors on how they can do their part.

“Really is what we are doing is asking residents and visitors to remain vigilant and not let their guard down, keep an eye on weather forecasts, looking for any small changes,” Birch said. “We want to make sure they know to secure any loose items you know in their yards or in their homes or residences and businesses.”

Worcester County Emergency Services said you should have a preparation kit including things like food, water, and important documents. They also added if you live in an area that’s low lying-and prone to flooding, make sure you have a plan to seek shelter somewhere else.

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