“We actually got two pretty good candidates:” City officials, voters weigh in on Cambridge mayoral run-off


CAMBRIDGE, Md.- “Honesty,” Voter Phyllis Dunton said.

“Good work ethics,” Voter Dee Dunton said.

“We need someone who’s willing to do the hard work and try to make the community better,” Zion Cornish said.  Words from voters describing what they’d like to see from the next Mayor of Cambridge as they made their way to the polls Tuesday.

Those we spoke with say the stakes are high with the run-off election between Addie Eckhart and Steve Rideout. “The last guy made a really big mistake,” Cornish said.

“This is where we bring balance back to our city government,” Cephas said.

Commission President Lajan Cephas says the city has continued functioning the best way it could as she took on the powers and responsibilities of mayor.

She adds filling the mayoral seat will bring back some structure. “Actually having someone who can give their undivided attention to the whole city of Cambridge because ultimately I tried my best,” Cephas said.

“It’s also a great day for the residents of Cambridge to actually have a chance to have a mayor that they voted for and not someone that’s just filling the seat.”

It’s also a unique election as the elected mayor will only have a two year term. “So that’s a lot of pressure to try to get some of these promises completed within a two year frame,” Cephas said.

As the city continues to see growth, voters say the next leader must be ready to take action.

“We need more support for schools, our neighborhoods, and everything else,” Cornish said.

“We actually got two pretty good candidates, so it doesn’t necessarily matters who wins. We’re still going to continue to do great things for the city,” Cephas said.

Polls will be open until 7 p.m. Tuesday evening.

We’re told there won’t be any official results until noon on Wednesday.

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