Salisbury’s village for those experiencing homelessness will be up and running soon

SALISBURY, Md.- Pallet homes will be putting roofs over people’s heads that are experiencing homelessness at Anne Street Village, in Salisbury’s East Church Street neighborhood. This initiative has been in the making for about two years. But, in late October, unsheltered people will now have access to these 24 temperature-controlled units.

“It’s a short term solution for the individual, but that short term solution for that individual is enough I think to get us to the point where more people are entering into a permanent solution, from a place of already trying to make life work, rather than from cold off the street into permanent house,” Salisbury Mayor Jake Day said.

“March of 2020 to August 2020 where there was 10 people that died outside and then we just recently lost another person outside that is my ultimate this is why we are doing this because it’s almost always weather related as one of the symptoms,” Christine Chestnutt, Salisbury’s Housing and Homelessness Manager, said.

If you take a look inside, there’s not much right now, but once these units are ready to go they will have a microwave, a fridge, handicap-accessible showers, toilets, a safe place to sleep, and more. “It will come with everything, bins to keep their belongings, there’s shelving in there, there will be heat and air conditioning, fire extinguisher, smoke detector, carbon monoxide all those things,” Chestnutt said.

Those staying in this village won’t just get a place to lay their heads at night they’ll also have access to services for job hunting, addiction and mental health counseling, along with traditional management.

“When you live in fight or flight mode it’s really hard for you to focus on other things, working or getting disability or all the things the rest of us have the capacity to do because we go home and sleep at night,” Chestnutt said. “So, just providing them that safe space and then connecting them to the services they need to get the levels out of homelessness.”

And, while the City is trying to change the lives of people here they hope to get surrounding counties on board as well.

“I think time will tell whether or not we need a scale increase, whether or not we need more of this, but what I do hope is that the City of Salisbury isn’t the only entity in our area that is working to permanently house the chronically homelessness,” Mayor Day said.

The City will hold an event on the corner of Anne and Short Streets this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to put up fencing for the village. They’re asking for the community’s help to get this done.

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