Pilot shortage amid holiday weekend

SALISBURY, Md. – With the pandemic still going on some industries are still suffering.

One of them is the travel industry. The local airport, Salisbury Regional says that travel has been slower this holiday weekend than in prior years. Officials say that fuel costs drive up airfare and that they are also experiencing a shortage of pilots. Salisbury Airport manager tells us this is also a nationwide issue but here’s how the industry is working to fix the issue.

“It’s hard to predict I know piedmont has been very aggressive at hiring at attracting pilots here obviously once they get them on board they have to get them trained to their particular programs and then get them into the system, ” says Tony Rudy, Salisbury Airport Manager.

The airport manager expects that business will pick up and go back to normal after the holiday weekend. Rudy hopes by the end of the year we see the shortage minimized here on Delmarva.

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