Ocean City Special Event Zone being put into place as “Pop-Up Rally” event is anticipated to return

OCEAN CITY, Md.- With the anticipation of the upcoming “Pop-Up Rally” event in Ocean City, the resort town will be designating a Special Event Zone.

This will start September 20th through the 25th. Inside the zones, there will be reduced speed limits and increased fines for violations, not only for speeding, but burn outs, speed contests, reckless driving, and more. Drivers could even face being arrested for certain citations. The maximum speed will be 30 miles per hour, but in residential areas those speed limits will remain the same. We’re told all of these measures are to help keep everyone safe, especially with the possibility of more people coming to town.

“With the thing next week, with the Pop-Up Rally, we have no way of knowing of how many people will be coming in so we are still putting the special events zone in effect; we are still planning on it being the loud, large crowd that we have seen over the years,” Ashley Miller, OCPD Deputy Communications Manager, said.

People should expect to see significant police presence from surrounding agencies that will be helping the Ocean City Police Department. We’re told officers will enforce all laws for spectators who incite drivers and spectators are urged to use crosswalks when crossing the road.

For more information on the Ocean City Special Event Zones, please visit www.oceancitymd.gov/specialeventzone.

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