OC Council supports two new incentive programs for city employees

OCEAN CITY, Md. – A unanimous vote has rolled out incentives for Ocean City employees and it’s a decision that’s bringing excitement to the resort town.

“We are really just happy to be able to have it back, I think any business, any organization with employees you want to be able to reward your employees,” City Manager Terry McGean said.

McGean said a number of years ago they had a method of rewarding star employees, but that was lost during the recession. Since then, it’s been a goal to bring a program like this back. “We think it’s really important you know if somebody does a really outstanding job to be able to recognize them for it,” McGean said.

Now, that hope to bring a program back has become a reality. In a recent Ocean City Mayor and Council meeting, two incentive programs were approved. The first one is called SPOT Awards, which would be awarded on a quarterly basis. All full-time and year-round part-time employees would be eligible. The amount that employees receive could range from $500 to $2,500.

“One is essentially is like a one time bonus and that is given to an employee who maybe completes a difficult project, does a great job on a specific task,” McGean said.

The other is the Exceptional Achievement Program. All full-time employees who are not covered by collective bargaining would be eligible for this one. “The second program is a raise in salary and that’s more for sustained, really outstanding efforts in your job,” McGean said. This increase in salary would start next budget year, which begins in July.

While we’re told these tools will reward employees, they will hopefully also retain them. “There is a tremendous amount of competition for high-quality talent; and if our employees are not feeling appreciated, it’s going to result in low morale and we are going to have a very difficult time with retention,” Human Resources Director Katie Callan said.

Mayor Meehan along with Council members did have questions about the programs, but in the end, those sitting around the table raised their hands in support of the new plans.

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