Homeless shelters preparing to help those in need as we could see coastal flooding, heavy rain this weekend

SALISBURY, Md.- Downed power lines bursting into flames, strong winds, and flooding are impacts Hurricane Ian is having on Florida. The storm is expected to impact areas in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic in the coming days. In preparation for what may come, like heavy rain and coastal flooding, homeless shelters are making arrangements.

“Like any emergency, we pretty much stay prepared, so for whoever comes in, we’re pretty much ready to meet any type of emergency including the storm,” Anthony Dickerson, with the Christian Shelter Inc., said.

“We watch obviously the news to see whats going on, where is it, is it going to happen because we have to be prepared because we are going to get an influx of people; and with this storm that’s coming through the amount of rain that’s going to be there, the flooding that’s going to take place, we know that we are going to be extremely busy,” Celeste Savage, with the HALO Homeless Shelter, said.

For the HALO Homeless Shelter and the Christian Shelter, those plans include a variety of things.”We make sure that we have enough, we make sure we have enough water, we make sure our staffing, and we make sure we have any type of emergency material,” Dickerson said.

“We look at making sure we have volunteers that can cover, in this case it’s over the weekend so we have to pull people in for the weekend,” Savage said. “We have to make sure that we have some dry clothes because a lot of times they are a little slower coming in and they get soaked first before they actually find the shelter.”

The HALO Homeless Shelter said right now they are at full capacity with their beds, so they will be pulling cots to make sure people have a place to sleep.

When we asked these shelter leaders, why they play a crucial role during these storms? They tell us a big reason is safety.

“To make sure that our homeless citizens are safe, and they deserve a safe place,” Dickerson said.

“You’re out in this kind of weather, you’re going to end up getting sick; the hospital certainly is overloaded as it is you know,” Savage said. “And, so it’s kind of having these guys being able to have a safe place, a warm place they can come, a place that’s going to love on them.”
We’re also told when storms like this take place it’s important for the community to work together. So, if you’re able to donate resources or food it would be incredibly helpful.
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