Doctors recommending gene mutation testing ahead of breast cancer awareness month

DELMARVA – Health experts are highlighting the importance of cancer screenings.

One way you can do that is to get testing done for gene mutations. When someone experiences a harmful genetic change, doctors say this is what happens: when the gene is working normally it’s fighting cancer, which are the genes you want to have working, rather than the gene being less effective at their job. Genetic Counselor Kendra Flores breaks it down:

“A person who has a gene mutation, instead of having a copy of the working gene from their mom and a working copy from their dad, they only have 1 working copy and so where everyone else has 2 copies to protect them they only have, making them a higher chance to get cancer,” says Kendra Flores, a Genetic Counselor.

It is then that Flores recommends the next steps to those with the genetic mutation, either further cancer screening or risk-reducing surgery. Once you confirm you have a gene mutation, it’s what you do next that makes you a previvor.

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