Former professional BMX racer shares his addiction and recovery story

SALISBURY, Md.- As part of Wicomico Goes Purple, Wor-Wic Community College will be hosting a free event.

Former Professional BMX Racer and 2016 Olympic Games Coach, Tony Hoffman, will be sharing his inspirational story of overcoming opioid addiction. Hoffman told us he struggled with addition for several years leading to homelessness and incarceration. “While I was incarcerated, I really just felt this calling to share my story and try to help people with my own experiences,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman has now moved on to becoming a speaker on mental health and addiction, sharing his story and the connection between mental health and addiction. He’s also opened up his own treatment center, pH Wellness, to help those who are struggling.

“I’ve experienced so much through my own struggles and there were a lot of misconceptions growing up about people that struggled with mental health or addiction,” Hoffman said. “And, I feel like I’m almost setting the record straight, I’m using my story and my upbringing and my experiences to kind of shed light on things in a way that maybe people haven’t thought about and kind of break those stigmas.”

The Wor-Wic event will take place on September 28 at the college campus on the corner of Route 50 and Walston Switch Road. It will go from 5 to 7:30 p.m.Visit the events section of for more information.

To learn more about Tony you can visit his website at and visit to learn more about his treatment facility.

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