Fatal crashes up nationwide according to recent study

MARYLAND- A study is finding that traffic fatalities are up nationwide, this includes in Maryland.

The company QuoteWizard looked at how traffic fatalities have changed over the last 2 years, specifically since the pandemic. Nationwide, they found fatal crashes are up 18%  since 2020. When it comes to Maryland, we’re told traffic fatalities are up 24%, with many of those crashes involving alcohol. Now, when we asked analysts why we might be seeing this trend, here’s what they said.

“I  think what happened is that during the height of the pandemic we saw a trend of younger drivers going too fast on in-congested roadways, the problem is that those bad driving habits continued to today when we have normal traffic patterns,” Nick VinZant, Senior Research Analyst for QuoteWizard, said. “When we first started seeing this rise in fatal crashes, we thought it was going to be a momentary trend centered around the height of the pandemic, but it has gone up in 2021, and already in Maryland we’ve seen a 7% increase in the number of fatal crashes from even last year,” VinZant said.

We’re told the first year of the pandemic they saw a big increase in fatal crashes on rural roads. Now, they’re seeing it transition into the cities on their highways, major roads, and side streets as well.

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