Delmarva Power customers can expect to see bills increase in October


MARYLAND – Delmarva Power customers soon will be paying a little more out of pocket on their power bills.

That’s due to prices passed along from the wholesale market. Delmarva Power says this is happening because of the rebound from COVID-19 and the economy.

47 ABC spoke with the energy company and they tell us that they purchase energy at the lowest possible price and pass that cost onto the customer, making no profit. Delmarva Power breaks down what your next energy bill will look like. “Increase to the commodity side of the bill which is the side of the bill that our customers use, along with the cost of transmitting that electricity from the power plant to the local energy grid those costs will increase by about $14.32 per customer,” says Ben Armstrong, Spokesperson of Delmarva Power.

Armstrong says that’s about 9.4% for the typical residential customer. And you can expect to see these changes in October, which will continue into the unforeseeable future. Armstrong says the next procurement or power purchase for Maryland customers isn’t until June 2023. If you need assistance he says to reach out to the company because they do offer programs to help with costs.


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