Delaware Primary District 4 Spotlight: Bradley Layfield, Jeff Hilovsky

DELAWARE – Primaries in Delaware are less than a week away on September 13th, as candidates look to reach as many voters as possible and introduce themselves to voters.

In Delaware’s 4th Legislative District, covering Warwick, Harmon, Trinity, and Long Neck republicans Jeff Hilovsky and Bradley Layfield are facing off for the chance to face against Democrat Keegan Worley and Independent Amy Fresh in the general election this November.

Layfield tells 47 ABC his platform consists of increasing funding for public safety and modernizing the infrastructure in the district including roads, water, and sewer upgrades.
He says he wants to see more communication between the town council, and Dover when planning for new developments, which he says needs to account for existing residents and local environmental conservation concerns.

He tells us his experience working as a principal in Sussex Central School Highschool in the Indian River School District is why he feels he is best qualified for the race.

“Being a high school principal currently employed, I am very connected with my community, it’s not a matter of time but the effort and anyone who knows me and voters should know the effort is not lacking with me and they can see that in my 22 years in education,” he said.

Jeff Hilovsky however says that education has not been up to par in the district for many years, and believes leaders in Dover have not been diligent with spending on schools.

“If you look at each student we are spending 13,000 dollars per pupil and our grade levels are behind they were behind even before the pandemic and if you look at where that money goes hiring more administrators is not working it has been going on and our levels are not rising,” He said.

He tells us he wants to bring more high-paying jobs to the area, but that can’t happen without an increase in results from the local schools.

Hilovsky points to his business’s experience as an eye doctor as what differentiates the two and says he would give voters a better return on their invested tax dollars if elected. He tells he also has focused on public safety and infrastructure but wants the focus to fall on increasing response times for EMS and full-time funding for firefighters.

“Our entire district and 97 percent of the state rely on volunteer firefighters in fully volunteer departments, and yet they spend hundreds of hours training each year to keep them safe,” he said. He tells us as the district has more development with older residents response times for EMS need to be brought down to the national average which he believes he can get done in Dover.

Another point of contrast between the two is whether or not to dredge the Indian River inlet in the district. The proposal is supported by Layfield who tells 47abc the move would increase property values and add to the community.

However, Hilovsky believes the measure would be a poor use of funds, with the potential to get more expensive with repeated maintenance costs.

“Where is the budget for that, there is no mention of that in his campaign, and what happens if the spoils are contaminated and you can’t dispose of it and that’s another funding issue, and then how many people does that project really serve who are not living next to this,” Hilovsky said.


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