Community comes together to run in honor to support the men and women in blue

DOVER, Del. – Jeepers are coming together this weekend to honor the men and women in blue that serve our communities.

The 6th annual Jeepers Back The Blue Jamboree brought in guests from all over to share their support.

“Whenever an officer or firefighter pass away in the USA, I run a mile in their honor,” says founder of Running 4 Heroes, Zechariah Cartledge.

Zechariah visiting all the way from Florida was joined on the track by Matthew Heacook, who came out to run in honor of his fallen hero: his father. “I think it’s really special because we get to run for all the heroes that died, like my father who died in the line of duty and everybody else we get to run for them on duty and off duty,” says Matthew Heacook. Delmar Police Corporal Keith Heacook was killed in the line of duty back in 2021.

Founder of Jeepers Back The Blue, Jeff Lehnert, whose been in law enforcement for 25 years tells 47 ABC the significance of jeeps backing the blue. “Jeep’s are the all American vehicles, proud Americans support law enforcement,” says Lehnert.

Organizers says it’s events like these that takes honoring law enforcement to the next level. “We’ve raised over $350,000 dollars in the last 5 years and we’ve helped 28 families in 19 states,” Lehnert adds. “It’s just a mix of meeting new people, meeting new organizations, and that’s why we’re here to spread awareness,” says Cartledge.

That happened to be Zechariah’s fourth or fifth run on the track and he says he’s excited to do more. Matthew Heacook says he is happy this run came to the first state because its important to get youth involved.

Organizer Jeff says the outpouring of support from the jeep community allows him to put on these events. The Jeepers Back The Blue Jamboree will go on until tomorrow at 4 pm.

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