CDC warning of Enterovirus cases increasing

DELMARVA – The CDC is warning pediatricians and parents about a virus circulating among kids.

It’s called Enterovirus D68. 47 ABC spoke with Dr. Sally Dowling at Atlantic General Hospital. She says it’s caused by the common cold and its symptoms are like it as well. Officials say those who would be most impacted would be those who have asthma. And to prevent the virus doctors at Atlantic General hospital say it’s simple.

“The way we prevent it is known to all of us, since going through COVID times, it’s passed through respiratory droplets as is COVID-19 so the prevention techniques are basically the same, keeping your hands away from your face, frequent handwashing,” says Dr. Sally Dowling, VP of Medical Affairs at Atlantic General Hospital.

You can also continue to wear your mask for safe practice. Dr. Dowling says there is no anti-viral treatment for this virus, so you should just get some rest, take Tylenol, and isolation so that you don’t spread the virus.

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