Businesses, coastal areas gearing up for storm impacts

DELMARVA- With a chance of heavy rain and coastal flooding expected this weekend, beach towns are keeping their eye on Hurricane Ian.

“We have been closely monitoring where the trajectory of the hurricanes going, mother nature does what she wants to do and we are kinda taking lead from her,” Cristino Russo, Manager of Tony’s Pizza, said.

“We will not be closing any roads or doing any type of evacuations at this time in Dewey Beach and no road closures, but we will be monitoring the storm as it approaches,” Bill Zolper, Dewey Beach Town Manager, said.

Some are even taking action, preparing for any needs their area may have.

“Just making sure that to the degree that there is water flowing into the catch basins and into the storm water system,” Ann Marie Townshend, Lewes City Manager, said. “We have our street sweeper out or at least have throughout the day making sure the streets are clear of debris; along with the Lewes Board of Public Works staff they’re making sure that there aren’t any large debris that could get washed into catch basin.”

Over in Ocean City, Cristina Russo, Manager of Tony’s Pizza, said they actually have been preparing for the last two weeks.

“Moving things inside, we have deck furniture on our roof, chairs, umbrellas, planters, lots of palm trees flowers, we have been moving them inside,” Russo said. “By tomorrow we will see if we need to start boarding up the windows.”

Adding, that while she’s taking precautions at the restaurant she hopes the Ocean City community stays safe and pays attention.

“We just need to be smart and do the right things and listen to our Mayor and listen to town officials to do what is needed to keep everyone safe,” Russo said.

Cristino Russo said the boardwalk is a major concern, but the town does a great job protecting the sand and making sure they don’t have a lot of erosion.

She also added that she wants to protect her employees and make sure the business isn’t open if it’s going to be severe weather.

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