Bras for a Cause returns, save the tatas

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DEWEY BEACH, Del. – One organization in Delaware has a mission of bringing education, fun, and fellowship to breast cancer survivors and their families.

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition has been helping women navigate the devastating disease for years. Specifically, the Education and Survivorship program pairs women who have fought the disease with the community to get screened, take them to and from appointments for mammograms, and provide support, among other resources.

We’re told they’re dedicated to helping women find a healthy lifestyle, to better manage the disease if diagnosed, or to take as many preventative measures as possible. “We know what it feels like. I was 45 when I was diagnosed, I know what it feels like to have somebody tell you that you have a potentially deadly disease,” says Connie Holdridge, Program Coordinator for the Education & Survivorship program with the DE Breast Cancer Coalition. She adds, “So we have a lot of things that we’re trying to do to keep people healthy and help those who are diagnosed and understand that it is not a death sentence anymore.”

Since the organization is a non-profit, they depend on community support to in turn continue helping others. That’s why other organizations like the women’s council of realtors in Sussex County put on their annual event, ‘Bras for a Cause.’

After taking a two year break, the highly anticipated event is back for it’s 11th year. 20 businesses throughout Delaware are asked to submit one model, historically a male model, and work together to design a bra that fits the year’s theme. This year’s theme is ‘Super-heroes save the tatas.’

On Wednesday, September 21st at the Ivy in Dewey Beach, a parade and auction will take place where people can bid on their favorite model and bra, which raises money for the DE Breast Cancer Coalition, as well as the Women’s Center at Beebe healthcare. “There are so many incredible designs that the models wear that it’s exciting just to stand and watch it to see what the next model is going to wear and people support it so greatly in our community,” says Dayne Feher, President of the Women’s Council Of Realtors in Sussex County. She adds, “I think the community now knows what it is and they are there to help because breast cancer is a disease that has probably touched almost every family, so that’s why I think people have rallied around to support it.”

Doors open at 5 p.m., the parade begins at 5:30 and the auction kicks of at 6:30. Attendees are asked to bring one dollar bills to give to their favorite model, and whoever wins is crowned the favorite of the evening.

Tickets are $35 online, and $40 at the door. To purchase your tickets online before Wednesday, September 21st, click here.

If you or someone you know wants to learn about the breast cancer coalition, visit their website.

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