A Mother’s Cry looking for support to help mothers impacted by the criminal justice system


SALISBURY, Md. – One mother is now looking to the community for support, A Mother’s Cry is an organization based in Salisbury to help mothers get the support they need.

Specifically, Black single mothers who are impacted by the criminal justice system.  “I would love to have organizations that will say we will help her with that also, help mom to navigate the legal system,” says Jamesina Greene, founder of A Mother’s Cry.

The organization is a forum set out to provide resources to women and educate these women on how they can be of great help to their children. The founder tells 47 ABC in order to do that, help starts at home. “That a lot of mothers were struggling with personal issues, and if you’re not healthy and whole as an individual it’s challenging to be a good mom,” says Greene.

The organization was started by Jami, who is a single mother of 2 and one son who is currently incarcerated. To grow A Mother’s Cry, with all the holidays coming up, Jami needs the help of Delmarva to provide support for other single women. Resources that A Mother’s Cry provides include: adopting families, providing tools like classes about healthy meals, and donations to support those in need.

The founder says with the community’s help, we can help empower mothers to be the best versions of themselves. “First we need to understand, it needs to be clear that community is all of us, it not just me, so in order to help A Mother’s Cry you’re also helping your community because let’s just face it the majority of families are led by mothers,” Greene says.

A Mother’s Cry is currently preparing to support one mother who has survived breast cancer for the month of October. You can provide donations to the organization, ultimately this will make healthier families.

“I can’t do this on my own, I would love to have people just reach out to me,” the founder encourages.

To get involved you can reach out to Jami by email.

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