SBY City Council moving forward with zoning ordinance focusing on more housing

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury City Council is moving forward with an ordinance to allow town homes to be built in commercially zoned land.

The ordinance is part of the city’s Here Is Home initiative, according to Mayor Jake Day. “There is a lot of housing pressure, and a need for housing. Let’s not forget that we’re in a housing crisis,” he said.

Mayor Day says a developer wants to build a complex on Snow Hill Road, near Marley Manor Apartments. The ordinance would allow that process to move forward. “It takes a piece of land – a farm field – that was zoned commercially. Back at that point in time, they expected a lot of development around the Snow Hill Road bypass,” he said.

In a broader sense, the Mayor says the change will also make transitions between commercial and residential areas smoother. “What this allows for is a transition between what is going to be a single-family detached development, and then an area that could be commercial or near the bypass or a noisy area in the future,” said Mayor Day. “We just think it’s a more appropriate long-term approach to sort of the transfect of uses, as you get from low density to higher density, rather than sort of having abrupt changes.”

Mayor Day adds that the developer showing interest on Snow Hill Road has to start construction by October of 2023 to be able to enjoy the full benefits of Here Is Home. He says more than one eighth, or 1,000, units under the initiative are currently under construction.

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