Reunification training ahead of upcoming school year

DELAWARE – The school year will be here in no time and the state of Delaware has a plan to keep students safe in an effort to combat the rise in violence in schools statewide.

This new initiative is a part of Delaware’s Emergency Management Agency’s comprehensive school safety program. The program consists of hands-on training courses for schools in each county. Officials say a school shooting can happen anywhere and that initiatives like this are vital to ensuring the safety of students and staff in school…

“So if it were to happen at Sussex Montisory School then they can count on Laurel, Seaford, Cape, Indian River School Districts to help stand up the reunification process and get children back with their caregiver,” says Douglas Scheer, with the Comprehensive School Safety Program of DEMA.

The training will not only consist of teachers but public health officials as well as first responders and the Delaware State Police Victim Service unit on how to effectively bring the community together in the event of such an emergency. Officials say thinking long-term like this will benefit both parents and students.

“It’s going to be one part of the process to keep kids as safe as possible and a part of this process is returning the children to their families, so what we’re hoping to do out of it, is the parents know there are people behind the scenes trying to make all these things happen to keep their kids safe at school,” says Douglas Scheer, with the Comprehensive School Safety Program of DEMA.

If you are looking to get in on these classes, training will be at the Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences on August 25th and 26th.

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