Recognizing National Health Center week

Denton, Md – This week marks National Health Center week.

Choptank Community Health is recognizing the week by raising awareness.

Officials tell 47 ABC this is important because it honors the impact that community health centers make. With these facilities Choptank is able to create better healthcare outcomes, allowing them to reach lower-income and underserved communities. Though primary care and hospitals exist, health care centers like Choptank ensure that everyone has equal access to care.

<2.28 community health centers take away barriers related to insurance coverage so we see everyone, everyone is welcome in a community health center, if you don’t have health insurance there’s a sliding fee for all of the services that we provide,” says Sara Rich, the President, and CEO of Choptank Community Health System.

At Choptank, interpreters are also available to ensure that community health centers are inclusive, making visits a one-stop shop. And Rich says whats interesting about the past year is that 2021 was the first time ever that health centers in the country reached over 30 million patients.

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